Afraid of moving? – With good reason!

If we described the act of moving in together in one word it would be stress. Although we were looking forward to that moment for so long July turned out to be one of the most exhausting and stressful months, in which we hardly had time for our relationship.

 Julian Sell Hannah Hannes Shoot-4

We started to rent our apartment in Linz on 1st July and that was also the day when we began our relocation. We had big plans because we wanted to complete moving all the furniture and things from Hannah’s apartment in Salzburg to the one in Linz in one day. Hannes was shift working in a big company in Linz for the whole month of July so he could only arrive in Salzburg in the early afternoon. Until then Hannah had already packed all her stuff into banana boxes and seriously: You only realize how many things you have when you move!

We hardly dismantled the furniture which was not the best idea we could have. The results were a broken wardrobe and aching muscles but at least we did not have to reconstruct them.

 Julian Sell Hannah Hannes Shoot-5

We were so happy that we received so much help from Hannes’ best friend David and Hannah’s dad. David organized a moving van for us and together with Hannah’s dad he stood by our sides the whole day. We had to drive from Linz to Salzburg and back four times on that day and when we finally placed all of the stuff from Salzburg in Linz it was about midnight. The last thing we did was carrying our bed into our bedroom so we could finally go to sleep. We cannot remember having ever been that exhausted in our lives! On top of that Hannes had to get up again at 4.00 am because of his work.

 Julian Sell Hannah Hannes Shoot

The next days were totally filled up with cleaning our new home and trips to IKEA. Oh gosh, it rather felt like IKEA was our new home. We knew like the whole furniture shop by heart, ate their swedish dishes every day and only returned when they closed. Actually, we were always looking forward to going to IKEA and furnish our own apartment but in the end we really hated it so much.

We built up all of our new furniture on our own but the good thing was that we got a lot of support from our moms and Hannes’ grandma with cleaning.

 Julian Sell Hannah Hannes Shoot-2

Even after we had finished all of that we still had so much work left for example making insurances, going to the record section or finding the best vendor for our TV. There are just so many things you have to keep in mind when moving!

For decorating our home our number one go to place is Depot. Whenever we go there we feel like we have to buy the whole store and we never go out there without taking something with us. Hannah always says going through Depot is like a therapy for her and it’s calming her down when she’s not in a good mood.

 Julian Sell Hannah Hannes Shoot-6

But in the end all of the stress and mental breakdowns were totally worth it! For us moving in together was definitely a transition into a new and better life. Every night when we go to sleep together, when we see both of our names on the door sign or when we cuddle up on the couch after an exhausting day we realize how lucky we are. Now that we live together we fully feel like a family and we still cannot believe that we were given that gift. Always having your better half and love of your life right next to you, being there for each other and supporting each other in every kind of situation feels like the most wonderful thing that ever happened to us.


Photos by Julian Sell Fotografie.

Hannah & Hannes


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