About Couple Blogger Hannah Hannes-2 (C) Chris & Ruth Photography

We are Hannah and Hannes, a young couple deeply in love located in Austria. We met each other when we worked for our former model agency in Salzburg. Right from the start, it was clear for both of us that we fit perfectly together. Soon we found out, that we have lots of things in common. Next to the similarity of our names, we both share our love for sushi, coffee, ice cream, working out, traveling and photography. Furthermore we both study/studied to become teachers and don’t like skiing although we grew up in Austria.


About Hannah Shooting Photography Wedding Dress-2(C) Lilly Red 

Hey, I’m Hannah. I’m a travel enthusiast and sometimes I feel like I’m only made of emotions. I’m totally in love with all the beautiful places our world has to offer, getting to know new people, eating well, wearing dresses and watching sunsets or the stars. But what I love the most is Hannes who makes my world better every single day!


About Hannes Couple Hannah Love Man-2(C) Jessi & Markus

Hey! I’m Hannes and the male part of Hannah & Hannes. Travelling, fashion and photography are my passion. In addition to being blogger and model, I’m a teacher for secondary school.  I’m very into sushi or eating in general and relaxing weekends or adventurous shoots. But of course what I enjoy the most is spending time with my love Hannah.